Competition Examples
Same Suit
Jason and Alex are wrestling.
They both draw cards.
Jason draws a Six of Hearts, Alex draws a nine of hearts.
After a brief skirmish, Alex gets Jason into a head lock.

Same Color
Denny and Dee are racing to the boat.
They both draw cards.
Denny draws a Jack of Diamonds, Dee draws a three of Hearts.
They do not resolve immediately, but Denny has the advantage. If they decide to continue the race, then they draw again. Denny gets two draws (take the best).

Different Colors
Moxie and Mouse are trying to find a lost key in the sand.
They both draw cards.
Moxie gets a 4 of clubs, Mouse gets a 9 of Diamonds
No one wins, but Mouse can choose to change the scene.
If the continue to look, then draw again.

Challenge Example
Billy wants to open the lock to the abandoned building. GM assigns a difficulty of Jack of Spades (11).
Billy has a background as a handyman. This gives him an appropriate background skill of 8 Spade.
But that is not enough to open the lock in a single action.
He draws a card.

  • He draws a 7 of Diamonds he doesn’t open the lock, but he can play the 8 Spades, take extra time, and try again this time drawing two cards..
  • He draws a Queen of Hearts he opens the lock, but only after quite a fuss and a tantrum (he will be at a disadvantage in any Interactions for this scene).
  • He draws a 6 of Diamonds, he not only fails to open the lock, he also breaks his tool thus jamming it.


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